Sunday, June 24, 2012

Self-Defense-Parking Lot Safety Tips

Believe it or not, two of the most dangerous places for assaults on women are in the home and in parking lots. When we say the home is a dangerous place we are talking about domestic violence. Nearly 20% of all women on an annual basis are assaulted in their home courtesy of violence at home. In the 8 plus years that we have been writing about this it appears that authorities are finally starting to take notice and do something about it.

Shelters all over the country are filled to capacity with women who have no other place to go-a testament to the severity of the problem.

The second most dangerous place for assaults on women are parking lots. Sound crazy? Not when you look at the statistics. They show that parking lots are a favorite place for perverts to hang out, especially at night, to assault and sometimes rob women. And these are not just commercial parking lots at malls and shopping centers, we're talking about parking lots at hospitals and other places where women work.

A third place that is dangerous for women again in the believe it or not category is a college campus. Yes, you heard me right, college campuses are hotbeds of assaults on women.

Here are some tips that women can use to stay safe in parking lots. Some of them may sound a little paranoid but isn't it better to be safe than sorry?

The first step is when you go to your car from the grocery store or other store in a mall; ask for assistance getting to your car, especially at night. That is one of the reasons why stores hire security guards. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask.

Secondly, as you approach your car have your keys in your hand and preferably a Keychain Pepper Spray attached to your keys. It can disable an assailant for 45 minutes and provide female self-defense.

The third tip is for you to look around and under your car before you get in. If you see a van with darkened windows next to your car that you didn't notice before be wary.

And the fourth tip is as soon as you get in your car; make sure you lock your car doors.

Perverts prey on women who are distracted either by pushing a shopping cart, watching children, talking on a cell phone or otherwise not paying attention to what they're doing. A good suggestion is to use a cell phone stun gun as a way to defend yourself in the event of an assault.

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