Thursday, June 28, 2012

Self Defense: Sexual Assault - How About Some Common Sense?

We have been writing about sexual assault, domestic violence and other crimes against women for quite some time now. Part of the passion for this comes from the fact that two of my daughters were assaulted when they were much younger. But as part of my passion for writing about this in the hopes of trying to prevent other women from being sexually assaulted, comes a lot of research and studying on trends and instances of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The trend seems to be that domestic violence and sexual assault are as common now as they ever have been. So they are not going to go away. If you are married or in a relationship chances are close to 1 in 5 that you will be the victim of domestic violence. If you are in college and female the chances of you being sexually assaulted actually increase because college campuses are not as safe as you may think they are. Those chances go up to 1 in four.

The other observation that I might make is proven by an incident that happened near here recently. A woman was returning home at 130 in the morning after working a night shift. She heard men arguing and saw two groups of them on the verge of fighting. She stood between them trying to calm them down.

After the dispute ended she was invited into the apartment of one of the men. The men as it turned out, were from another country and began to tell her how difficult it was living in a foreign country. She sympathized with them because she had lived in different countries too. They offered her some lemonade which was apparently spiked with a drug because she had no recollection after that.

If women know that they're going to be the subject of sexual assault at some point in their life, doesn't it make sense that they should be ultra wary of their personal surroundings? At what point does common sense come into play?

1:30 in the morning, six men arguing, complete strangers, invited into an apartment, drinking lemonade? Hello?

If she really wanted to be of some help she should have called the police. Boys will be boys and men will be men, but men from different cultures view women differently and not as kindly as American men view them.

I am not going to fall into that old argument that she was asking for trouble-that is a tired, lame excuse for criminal behavior. But she should have had some self-defense products such as a Powerful Stun Device with her anyhow being out late at night because of her work. Those are dangerous enough circumstances as it is.

C'mon ladies. Common sense has to play an important part in a woman's self-defense. And when it comes to female self-defense and your personal security and personal safety, self-defense products will help level the playing field.

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