Monday, July 23, 2012

Self-Defense - Three Tips To Make Your Life Safer

Here are three tips that mostly pertain to protecting you or your loved ones from an assault. That assault can take place almost anywhere but as it turns out, there are a few places that are the most dangerous: parking lots, home and the workplace.

Nearly everyone has heard of accidents happening because of impaired or distracted drivers. We used to think that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs was dangerous and it still is. But what is even more so are people who drive and talk on the phone or worse text on their cell phones. All it takes is a split second for you to become involved in an accident-far longer than it takes to text one word.

What is even more amazing to me is people who have accidents while walking and texting on their cell phones. Maybe you've seen the video of a lady who was carrying her child and talking on her cell phone in a subway station then actually stumbling onto the train tracks-duh. Or how about the video of the man texting on his cell phone while walking down the street and walking straight into a busy intersection?

1. That would be the number one tip-pay attention to what you're doing no matter where you are. If you're distracted, criminals actually prey on those who are distracted. Women who are pushing a grocery cart or a cart filled with anything out of the mall or store are easily distracted by a small child that may be with them or a call on a cell phone. Your life is too valuable to be a target for a criminal who looks for those kinds of distractions.

2. Avoid, if you can, darkened or poorly lit areas such as stairwells at work or in an apartment complex. Parking lots that aren't well-lit also make for dangerous areas especially for women.

3. Always carry some kind of self-defense product with you. Several are available that can attach to your keychain such as pepper spray or even a new 5,000,000 volt stun device. A self-defense product can provide valuable time for you to get away and seek help should you be assaulted anywhere, even at home in a domestic violence situation.

If you follow these three tips you will be way ahead of the game. And here's one more as a bonus: use your common sense. Women, especially, have this built-in radar that senses dangerous situations. Pay attention to it.

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