Saturday, August 18, 2012

Self-Defense - What Are The Most Effective Personal Defense Products?

Self-defense products have been around for literally thousands of years since the Chinese first came up with pepper products to disable their opponents. Kubatons are an old oriental weapon that have existed for centuries. Stun devices have been around since the 1930's and development of tasers began in the late 1960's. So these self-defense products have stood the test of time - one measure of their level of effectiveness.

We will limit our discussion to pepper sprays and stun devices to include tasers. These are by far the most popular items for personal defense and are both nonlethal products for self-defense. Let's look at their effectiveness a little bit differently. How popular are they? How cost-effective are they? And what are their results?

Pepper sprays use the resin of one of the hottest products in the world. The basis for all pepper sprays is oleoresin capsicum or OC for short. The capsaicin and related capsaicinoids (CRC) strength is one way to measure how hot it is. Scoville heat units is another measurement. The old way of measuring hotness was the percentage of OC but is not really accurate because the OC gets diluted with other products to make the spray viable.

How It Works-once the spray makes contact with the skin, usually the eyes and face, it causes debilitating pain and makes the eyes water so uncontrollably that the eyes may actually swell shut. It also causes shortness of breath and makes breathing difficult. The effects last for about 45 minutes with no long-lasting injury.

Pepper sprays are by far the most popular self-defense product in the world. One reason is that they are the least expensive. You can get a good pepper spray for as little as five dollars. The most expensive pepper sprays are pepper guns which sell for $60-$70. They are on average about 90% effective but their effectiveness can be diminished by weather conditions such as wind and rain.

Regular stun devices use an electrical charge produced by batteries or stored up energy. Two prongs on one end of the device conduct the electrical charge which must be applied to an assailant.

How It Works-once the electrical charge makes contact with an assailant it causes the muscles to over work in a very rapid fashion. This rapid work cycle depletes the body's blood sugars that are needed for energy so the assailant is left too weak to do any harm.

Stun guns are the second most popular self-defense product and are also 90% effective on average. They sell for as little as $15 up to $70. They are not legal in all states.

Tasers are a form of stun device that are nearly 100% effective. They are used by literally thousands of law enforcement agencies in the performance of their duties. Civilian tasers are expensive with prices starting at nearly $400. You must be able to pass a background check in order to have a taser activated by Taser International. Like other stun devices they are not legal in all states either.

The most effective personal defense product is the taser. The Taser C2 is the civilian version and is nearly 100% effective.

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